Learning requires effort. In all honesty, not all of us like learning and not all learning interests us.
As training managers, we would like to guarantee learning that would cope with these fundamental challenges and many other challenges that are involved in both the organizational environment and the knowledge acceleration in the 21st century.

Methodica is the leading company in Israel in its commitment to effective learning, and this is our promise.

Since its establishment in 2001, the company has accompanied more than 100 organizations in the Israeli market with consultancy, design and development of thousands of learning solutions of all content and type in order to provide éffective learning.

The services that we provide guarantee the following for our customers:

  • Learning that achieves its goals optimally, providing maximum value for the organization
  • Relevant learning for the students and organization
  • Memorized and applicable learning for "the day after"
  • Learning that yields the best investment/results ratio

Methodica offers:
Consultation services for effective learning processes
Building infrastructure for effective learning

Learning Development Services
Design and development in all learning methods

Learning Technology Services
Technological solutions for effective learning

The company uses the éffective learning model methodology developed by Gideon Zailer in 2009, with which the company accompanies a great many customers. This model has been structured on the basis of rich experience and is characterized by a state-of-the-art approach to instructional design. It is based on the best practices available in the organizational learning industry in Israel and globally and includes managerial and developmental channels, which, together, facilitate attaining the best results.

The consistent aim of Methodica is the continual research and development of the level of learning within the organization. Our professional activity has been awarded with international recognitions, prizes and appearances at global conventions.

Methodica runs the Spirala school, the school for professionalism in organizational learning, jointly with the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT). Up to the present, the school has qualified hundreds of students who have integrated into a variety of training departments and functions in the Israeli market.

Methodica is the sole Israeli distributor of the learning authoring tool Composica, the best selling Hebrew-supported authoring tool in Israel, and which is used by thousands of customers throughout the world.

Above all, Methodica means learning people – a group of caring, curious and dedicated people who are committed to whole-hearted service and maximum professionalism.

The company's staff numbers approx. 45 personnel, including learning consultants, project managers, learning developers and a proficient technological team for developing advanced learning systems. The company is professionally led by its founder and owner, Gidon Zailer.

The Company's Vision:
To form learning worlds and to inspire an effective learning culture.

The Company's Values:

Gideon Zailer, a professional leader, owner and founder of the company

  • One of the most outstanding and leading personalities in the effective organizational learning field, who serves as a senior strategic consultant in some of the Israeli market's leading organizations.
  • Selected twice (2006, 2010) as a presenter at the ASTD international conference, the leading global conference in the organizational learning field.
  • He has been awarded a global prize by the prestigious magazine, Training, for leadership in the organizational learning world.
  • He served as the chairman of the annual Training conference conducted by Human Resources Magazine (2009 and 2010 conferences).
  • He was the manager of the learning session at the 2009 annual Human Resources conference.
  • He is the developer of the éffective learning model.
  • A joint manager and founder of the Spiral School for professionalism in training.
  • He is a lecturer in the Learning Technologies Department at HIT.

Gideon holds a BA in Law and Economics and an MA in Education, cum laude, from the Tel Aviv University.

Gideon advises and personally accompanies dozens of human resources and training managers in leading companies in the Israeli market for designing learning strategies, training content, guaranteeing and measuring learning effectiveness, implementing state of the art principles in the learning and learning technologies field and strategy design for organizational learning challenges.

In 2009 and 2010, Gideon was the first to conduct the industrial survey in Israel on the issue of organizational learning. This survey included data on learning processes in 40 organizations throughout Israel and included the first comparative review of its kind.
Each and every day, Gideon learns something new.